As every year, we plan some really great (and scary) specials!


Below are our classic specials – but we can also make any other special request. Just ask us!

200921_Barcomis_Sept2020_8300 copy.jpg


Fantastic Raspberry Ganache Cake – Chocolate sponge cake filled with fresh raspberry purée and a dark chocolate ganache. 


Decorated in orange with black drip and 12 x ghosts on top. 


As standard with 23cm diameter and a height of about 12cm - but we can also make any other size if you wish. 

200921_Barcomis_Sept2020_8321 copy.jpg


Chocolate cupcakes with a white frosting and decorated as a ghost. 

200921_Barcomis_Sept2020_8317 copy.jpg


Chocolate cupcakes decorated with a red colored vanilla butter cream and little devil horns,

200921_Barcomis_Sept2020_8305 copy.jpg


Classic sugar cookies - vanilla flavor - decorated as skeletons. 


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Is there a minimum order value?
We have a minimum order value of € 50 plus delivery, if desired.

Is it possible to pay on account?
All customers who order from Barcomi's for the first time are politely asked to pay in advance.
Any following order can be paid for by invoice.

How long in advance do I have to order?

Here it depends on the size and complexity of your order.
In general, it is always good for both sides to allow enough time for the preparations. 

However we are also able to make amazing caterings with a short turnaround time – even same day!

Are there gluten- and lactose-free alternatives?
Yes, we have a selection of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pastries and dishes.
Please ask us for the exact offer.