Big or small, hot or cold, with or without dishes and staff - Barcomi's makes you an individual offer according to your wishes and needs.


With many vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and low-carb options. Just ask us about it!


Various sandwiches on home-baked bread, rolls, baguettes and bagels, as well as fresh cheeses and delicious toppings:


  • Original US pastrami, mustard butter & sauerkraut

  • Parma ham, homemade pesto & rocket

  • Ardennes Saucisson, Butter & Cornichons

  • NY Special with Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato & red onion rings

  • Caprese - with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and home-made basil pesto

  • Appenzeller cheese, butter & half-dried tomatoes

  • Gruyère de Savoie cheese, butter & artichoke heart

  • Dried tomato & herb cream cheese with cucumber, tomato & sprouts

  • Horseradish-caper-dill cream cheese with cucumber, tomatoes & sprouts


Home-made quiche with a flaky base and hearty filling:


  • With ham and cheese

  • With vegetables and fresh herbs

  • With spinach and onions

  • With mushrooms and fresh herbs


  • Spicy chicken wrap with roasted chicken breast and chutney

  • Tuna Salad Wrap

  • Hummus Wrap with roasted vegetables and olives | vegan

  • Black Bean Spread Wrap with dried tomatoes, cucumber and rocket | vegan


Toasted baguette with various toppings:


  • Olive tapenade with grilled paprika

  • smoked salmon, red onion, tomato & Philadelphia cream cheese

  • Guacamole with diced tomatoes | vegan

  • Olive oil with rocket and Parma ham

  • Semi-dried organic tomatoes with gratinated feta


A large selection of different delicacies:


  • Cheese specialties

  • Sausage specialties

  • Smoked salmon

  • Pickled tomatoes

  • Artichokes

  • Olives

  • Home-made spreads & dips

We can make mixed platters, platters only with cheese or only with meat and we have several vagan options as well.


Delicious salads, freshly home-made and each with a perfectly coordinated dressing:


  • Curry lentil salad with dried apricots and fresh herbs

  • Couscous salad with roasted vegetables, parsley and a lemon and olive oil dressing

  • Coleslaw salad made from white cabbage, carrots, kohlrabi, apples and fresh pineapple with a light sesame-soy dressing

  • Quinoa salad with colorful organic quinoa, various roasted vegetables of the season, fresh herbs, nuts & pomegranate

  • Pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, herbs & red onions

  • Caponata sweet and sour salad with aubergines, tomatoes, onions, celery, pine nuts, capers & currants

  • Tabouli salad with lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoes, red onions, roasted pine nuts, mint and parsley

  • Classically mixed green salad with red onions, various toppings of your choice and our balsamic dressing


Freshly cooked home-made soups: 


  • Tomato & Basil | vegan

  • Red lentils & apricot | vegan

  • Spinach & Polenta

  • Vegetarian chili | vegan

  • Cauliflower Curry

  • Minestrone | vegan

We offer many vegetarian and vegan soups, but can also cook meat-based soups, if you prefer. 


Home-made with a fruity tomato sauce - perfectly seasoned in two variations:


  • With fresh spinach, béchamel sauce, parmesan & mozzarella

  • With Bolognese, béchamel sauce, parmesan & mozzarella


The start of the day or a little  refreshment for in between - müsli:


  • Bircher müsli with freshly grated apples, berries, roasted nuts, honey & yoghurt

  • Barcomi's Crunchy Müsli with dried strawberries, apple pieces, cranberries, dates, sunflower, pumpkin and cashew nuts - optionally with yogurt, cold milk or milk alternatives – soy milk, oat milk, etc.


Fresh, seasonal fruit and berries as a fruity addition to your catering:


  • Fruit salad topped with freshly squeezed orange juice

  • Fruit skewers

  • Fruit platter


A colorful selection of our delicious sweet creations:


  • Breakfast platter with croissants, muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls

  • Pastry platter with brownies, monster brownies, lemon bars, muffins and cookies


From our classic Barcomi's coffee drinks we also habe many other beverage options:



Coffee specialties

Tea Specialties | Celestial Seasonings, Paper & Tea

Römerquelle mineral water | still, medium, sparkling


Coca Cola

Hequa organic lemonades




White wine | Chardonnay, Laroche, Chablis, France

Rosé wine | Climbing Park, Cumulus Estate, Australia


We can order a variety of other beverages according to your needs.


Wir planen gern mit Dir deine Feier und machen besondere Momente gemeinsam unvergesslich.


CONTACT | +49 (0)30 612 037 32


Is there a minimum order value?
We have a minimum order value of € 50 plus delivery, if desired.

Is it possible to pay on account?
All customers who order from Barcomi's for the first time are politely asked to pay in advance.
Any following order can be paid for by invoice.

How long in advance do I have to order?

Here it depends on the size and complexity of the catering.
In general, it is always good for both sides to allow enough time for the preparations. 

However we are also able to make amazing catering with a short turnaround time – even same day!

Are there gluten- and lactose-free alternatives?
Yes, we have a selection of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pastries and dishes.
Please ask us for the exact offer.

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